In his recent book “The Hidden Pleasures of Life” Thedore Zeldin says:

“Ideas cannot be fed into people. Every individual has sensitivities and memories that shape what they absorb. And until ideas have met many different kinds of ideas, they cannot know their own value….Private thoughts are among humanity’s most important assets, containing the essence of its experiences.”

This blog is my attempt to allow some of my own private thoughts out there, to see how they might connect, or shift, or change once they come into contact with others and their own private thoughts.

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Chair Game at the V&A

This last year I have become somewhat obsessed by a game I call the Chair Game, which I learned from Stefan Cousquer (who in turn, learned it from Michael Jacobs).

For me, it is such a rich game, there is so much to learn from it. I will write about what I am learning from it at some point, but meanwhile, here’s a lovely little post that John Willshire wrote which sets the scene nicely for the Chair Game at the V&A, which is happening next week.


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