Stop Pushing

A couple of weeks after the Reading Weekend, two of the participants have told me that it helped them solved business problems. Which I think is brilliant. It convinces me of more than ever that it is pointless to just push harder. We need to go away to come back, to breath out after we breath in. We need to look at things out of the corner of our eye, to let the unconscious do its work, to allow new connections with new people and new ideas to be made in ways we don’t predict.

What is so fantastic about this is that while it can’t be forced, the Praxis Reading Weekend, and umpteen other events I have been involved with prove that there is a huge amount we know about how to create the right conditions for this to happen, if we let ourselves work a little less hard.


Pay more attention

I had a lovely surprise on Monday morning. I found a new product. Of my own. One I had already made without realising it. There it was, lying hidden in an e mail from a client, who, it turned out, had already bought it, as had several others. She was now, albeit unconsciously, telling me what it was. She called it: “Conversations with a creative thinker”. I would never have thought of that. All I had to do was notice it was there, pick it up, dust it off and put it on the shelf.

I love it when this happens. It involves no struggle or effort. I adore the feeling of ease and grace that I get when elements that were just lying around assemble themselves into a new whole, with an elegant fit. It is ‘fit’ in this sense (as in ‘fitting’ rather than ‘strong’) that makes evolution work, I believe.

By contrast my own efforts to design things seem forced, even clumsy. It makes me laugh to realise that something was right there, often in plain view and I still didn’t see it. And maybe, what it is suggesting, is that I need to do less, push less and pay closer attention.