La Fuente Creative Development Space

‘La Fuente Creative Development Space’ offers people a space where they can spend time on a creative project they have in hand (or in mind).

The idea is that a blend of disconnection from routine, coupled with new stimulation can be very fruitful.

Participants receive the offer of accomodation in our office in Arenas de San Pedro (for a few weeks). They are invited to connect with the local community (which includes musicians and artists) some of whom are English speaking, as well as with my own family.

This is a two way thing. Bringing new people here, even for short periods, enriches life in the town.

Tom Hiscocks was our first resident. He spent a month painting, reflecting and engaging with locals.  He also ran an “Instant Art” workshop for us. It was a huge success, both for Tom and for everyone here. Anyone who talks to me on Skype sees the results hanging behind me.

My friend Alison Donaldson took up the idea (see open source) and in a similar way, uses the space she has at her house in France to offer an opportunities to writers.

Who is it for?

What kind of project?


Instant Art