Parenthesis is time out to think.

It is a personalised programme, normally 2-3 days, which is designed to help an individual get new insight or perspective. In a nutshell the idea is to step back, in order to step up. Creating an environment where this can happen doesn’t happen naturally in the pressure cooker of everyday life.

Parenthesis is designed to meet this need through a blend of catalysed conversations, coupled with creative, reflective and physical exercises and time in nature. It creates a subtle alchemy of reflection, inquiry and stimulus that includes the whole person not just the intellect. I host it in my home town of Arenas de San Pedro in Spain, where the spectacular backdrop of the Gredos Mountains provide an important ingredient.

In 2014, I have been joined by Hilary Gallo, who himself came on a Parenthesis. He fell in love with the experience and has now joined me as a partner. Hilary will be hosting Parenthesis in the UK, where he lives. His experience, energy and perspective broadens the range of possibilities that Parenthesis can offer.

You will find some more detail on the pages below this one.  Or feel free to get in touch with either Hilary ( or myself.  It is an idea we are passionate about so we would be very happy to talk about it.

Step back to step up


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