Each Parenthesis is a blend of intellectual, physical, social and reflective activity, tailored to an individual.  The agenda can be planned in detail or left open.  Here in Arenas, where Parenthesis has been held up until now, that might include:

Conversation.  As much or as little as required. We know from experience that there are different kinds or qualities of conversation that are useful. Hilary or I can act as a sounding board, devil’s advocate, source of new ideas and so on. We also know that quiet time is also important, so we ensure that the whole day isn’t spent in conversation.

Walk and talk.  From a gentle stroll by a river to a serious mountain climb, depending on what you require. Always amidst beauty, a fabulous stimulus for insight and reflection.

Reflection.  Journalling or written exercises.

Time in nature.  Nature is the richest source of information we have.  Contact with nature invariably brings new ideas and understanding.

Creative exercises.  Instant art, improv, digital narratives, story telling and anything else we can cook up (including food if you would like to cook yourself).

Yoga.  English speaking teacher, personal class, any level.

Massage and osteopathy.  A session with local therapist Mamen wipes the slate clean and can release deeply held tension, thus helping you towards new ideas. Go once and you will want to go back.

And so on. Everything we do is designed to create an environment more likely to give insight and ideas into real, current issues.  In the UK, where Hilary is developing Parenthesis, we will use the local possibilities (e.g. sea, forests, pubs!) to achieve the same end.