Step back to step up

The idea of Parenthesis is to give you time out to think – somewhere between two and five days. The chance to do that is incredibly rare these days, so has to be consciously created.

Parenthesis allows you to distance yourself from your normal environment.  It gives you a different perspective and different stimuli. Contact with nature helps you to reconnect with your own nature.

You might think about coming when….

  • Stuck.  When you find yourself in a loop – your own particular version of ‘Groundhog Day’.
  • At a fork in the road.  When you face a strategic choice or want to reinvent yourself.  This could be about you or your organisation – e.g. “Should I be a CEO instead of a CFO?” or “should we get out of the X business and into the Y business?”.
  • You need to ‘get on the balcony’.  When you can’t see through the ‘fog of war’ and what you normally do to get perspective isn’t enough.