Jam today

Today I got a birthday present from thirteen virtual strangers. In the form of an Improv Jam organised by Steve Chapman and Caryn Vanstone based on that wonderful premise of inviting an interesting group of people simply to explore and learn together with no specific objective. For me, since it was my birthday, it was a lovely present. I think the favourite idea I came across during the day (thanks Fabiola) was the notion of ‘found improv’.  Of uncovering or revealing improvisation behaviour that is already there, like the unwitting poems that people ‘find’ on signposts.

2 thoughts on “Jam today

  1. Simply brilliant, and… brilliantly simple, this is how I remember the day. What struck me most was the generosity with which every individual “gave” to the group, and even more, the total simplicity, humility and authenticity with which the several “big leaguers” from the world of improv’ engaged and participated in the exploration and learning. THANK YOU !

  2. It was a true celebration of the spirit of improvisation. Collaboration, exploration and risk in a safe – yet slightly edgy environment. Roll on the next one!

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