Robert Poynton
A cartoony hand-drawn portrait of Robert Poynton


Catch a glimpse of yourself, coming alive

Together with Alex Carabi, I created Yellow in April 2020.

For three years we formed small online groups which gathered every two weeks, for two hours, over a period of five months, to explore and learn together.

What is most distinctive about this was what it was not, not what it was. There were no learning objectives, no agenda, no titles or professional biographies, and no curriculum.

Instead, Yellow allowed people to build connection, intimacy, and trust, using highly varied stimuli (including art, food, or movement), learning about themselves and their work in the process. We designed it in response to them.

After three years and over two hundred sessions, we are now changing what we do. We will retain the open, emergent approach, but focus on live, in-person events, not online courses. 

We will also broaden the involvement, allowing the people who are part of it to become authors of events or ideas, not just participants, with Alex and I acting as ‘Creative Directors’. 

If it sounds like a very open, that’s because it is. It is my firm belief that we need some spaces where we don’t try to define or control things in advance (I often wonder why we seem to want to know everything that happens before it does – even if you could achieve it, which you can’t, wouldn’t that make life incredibly dull..?).

Thus Yellow runs counter to what we normally – it acts as a ‘counter-space’ where the unimagined or unanticipated can emerge.

If that makes you curious, then you can find out more here or apply to join here.


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