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Do Pause

You are not a To Do list

Do – Pause’, my second Do Book, came out on March 13th 2019. It turned out to be the best selling Do book of that year. It has also been translated into Spanish (not by me, thank goodness) and is widely available in Latin America.

When, in 2020, we entered what was called by some ‘The Great Pause’ it took on new significance and I was asked by the Do Lectures to do the first ‘Do Lecture Live’.

The book is about using pauses, short or long, to actively change the rhythms of your life and work rather than feeling subject to the clock. I argue that this is far more fruitful than trying to create ‘work-life balance’.

You can read an excerpt from it on the Do Book Co page on Medium and my article in The Observer here. You can find the book here. There is an audio version too which you can get on Audible (you get it for free if you buy a paper copy from the Do Book Co).