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Fresh eyes and ears

May 27, 2015 – 1 min read


I was recently interviewed by a Radio Station, BFM in Malaysia. Which I thought was rather lovely, given that I live in a small town in rural Spain. I think I can reasonably claim to be the only inhabitant of Arenas de San Pedro to be interviewed by an Asian radio station.

As far as I recall, no-one anticipated that this kind of thing would become commonplace with globalisation. The predictions were all about the destruction of local culture by Coke, McDonalds et al, but I don’t remember there being any comments about how speaking at a conference in Wales would lead to an interview on Malaysian radio.

Which just goes to show how wonderful the unpredictable nature of complexity can be sometimes….

Anyway, it was a great interview, not because of me, but because of the interviewer, Natasha Fusil. She had done her homework and asked great questions. She also made some very pertinent observations, so I found myself learning new things about my own stuff along the way.

For example (minute 9) she made asked whether being able to improvise requires you to think on your feet and be mentally quick, or whether that is the result of the practises. It’s the latter, of course, the point that being responsive and agile is an output, not an input. I couldn’t have put it better myself – in fact, I didn’t, it took someone with a fresh eye to put that interpretation on it.

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