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Take your own advice

January 24, 2012 – 1 min read


I like playing around with the sub-title of this site. So far I have had ‘Out on an edge’, ‘Life is a mash up’, ‘Big fan of small airports’, ‘What will this year hold?’ and currently ‘Time for a walk’.
I went for a walk on Sunday morning. With the dog. It was a spectacular day, as you can see from the photo (click on the title of this post).

What came of it was spectacular as well. A three hour hike released a spontaneous brainstorm (breathily recorded on the iPhone) and I came back down the mountain with a completely new idea for what On Your Feet in Europe could be, the products it might offer, the relationship with the business in the US and who might be involved.

Not bad for a walk with the dog.

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